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Thousands of years ago, a dragonborn cult started a great and terrible war in their attempt to summon the evil dragon goddess, Tiamat, which very nearly culminated in their success — if not for the efforts of five brave heroes, whose names may be lost to time, but whose deeds will never be forgotten.

Since the Scale War, the climate of the world has been dramatically changed, with many species of chromatic dragon being hunted to extinction or near-extinction, such as Green, Black and White. Chromatic dragonborn have been cast out of their city as slaves and traitors, and the druids of the Wild Tribes have been all but destroyed, and those who live remain reviled as traitors and criminals. Dragon hunting has become an international sport; but people live in relative peace, otherwise.

Still, one never knows what could be lurking on the horizon, just out of view…

This is the active information center for Heroes of Legend and sister campaign Changing Tides.

Home Page

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